To be a man is precisely to be responsible. It is to feel, by laying your stone, that we help build the world. ”

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Talking about foundation is perhaps presumptuous, but here is our small contribution that we wish to add to the actions already underway.
Our intention is to participate in the creation of a solid rock that will allow the development of ecotourism, more in line with the environment and the people.

Some will see it as a page to get rid of our guilt. We see it and wish it as a way to be able to combine our passion for travel, to discover  other cultures, our desire to open up to the world and our wish to limit our ecological footprint.                           

Realistically, we are not talking about zero impact. All our activities have an impact but the ultimate goal is to reduce at least the harmful impacts. Indeed, positive impacts will always be welcomed !

We started Ethik Hotel from that simple observation: when traveling, it is extremely complex to find environmentally responsible addresses, both ecological and social. Sustainable tourism is not easily accessible, by necessity and in accordance with their project, these establishments are often autonomous and subsequently difficult to find. Particularly as they are drowned within resorts, tourists’ factories and other world famous chains.

On our website, you will therefore find both environmentally and socially responsible addresses that we have had the chance to test during our numerous trips.

We also want this website to be participative. To this end, we are counting on you to share your experiences and send us your good addresses to expand this list. We really want to help facilitate access to this way of travelling and thus increase the number of Explor’Actors.

Who are we ?

The idea emanates from Clément and Anne. We are 2 travelers looking always after new discoveries. Since we met, we try daily to reduce our environmental and social impact. Very soon, as we are passionate by travels we have decided to apply these principles to our holidays and become exploractors.

However, it is difficult to find through internet ecological hotels, ecolodges or responsible campsites. At most we find only on eco friendly hotel during our stay which is frustrating.

We didn’t have enough environmentally friendly accommodations addresses by ourselves, to constitute an available list. That’s why we ask our community of friends to complete it.

Therefore, when you will see the pictogram. It t will mean that some of us would have stayed in the place.

How does it work?

You will find below a little memo so as you can surf easily on the website. We want it to be as visual as possible.

Here are the criteria that are important to us. They are our choices and they are not exhaustive. The condition for an accommodation to be listed is to meet at least 3 criteria.

For us one of the most important criteria to appear on this list: water tank or filtered water available to fill travelers’ reusable water bottles. This will help travelers refrain from buying single-use plastic water bottle.
“Local food network” : When the accommodation has its own vegetable garden or its own farm it gives a short and local distribution network. The hosts can therefore use their own products for cooking. It helps to create local jobs, it means less transportation, and gives tourists the opportunity to discover new flavors.
The hotel has banned any single-use plastic products. Any take-away containers must be made of ecologically friendly material or a system of deposit could be in place for tourists’ day trip. For example, plastic straws should no longer be offered at the bar and in the restaurant, neither should mini soap/shampoo in the bedroom.
Waste recycling should be done in the hotel and if it is also in place in the bedrooms, it is even better. So we can keep our good habits
It seems important to us that tourist activities benefit the local economy. People who work in the hotel must be respected (although this is difficult to verify), and are part of the local community. The social aspect is forgotten if the hotel employs foreigners while it could give financial resources to local families.
Who cleans up his house every day? Not us anyway. Limiting the cleaning of rooms only at the request of customers seems like a good solution to limit the use of toxic household products. Another solution is to use environmentally friendly household products.
It is the same thing for cleaning sheets and towels. At home it is not every day either. Many hotels today display a note indicating that if you want to reuse your towel you can hang it on the towel rack. In fact it is not always respected. However a hotel that respects this choice also considerably reduces the amount of water used, as well as the amount of detergent released into the rivers.
Electricity and /or hot water is produced using renewable energy, whether with solar panels, wind turbines, geothermal or aerothermal heating systems, etc

These citeria was observed by the hosts during previous visits
Criterion not taken into account by the establishment at the time of our visit. But this may have changed. If it is the case please let us know.
We haven’t been able to verify this criterion during our stay. Please let us know if you have more information

We tested for you: we, or some of our friends, have already visited this responsible accommodation.
You tested for us: one of our Internet users sent us this address to increase our references. (Thank you)
This is an address found on the internet, or that has been communicated to us, but which has not been verified yet.