You can no longer tan without sunscreen, but not with just any cream either!

Creme solaire

When summer begins to arrive, the question arises as to which sunscreen to pack in your suitcase. Until recently, it was the format (spray, cream, oil…) and the smell that were the main criteria for our choice. Today, the first question we have to ask ourselves is: what is the impact of this product on the environment and particularly on the sea bed?

The problem of chemical sunscreens

Indeed, the chemical creams that still represent the vast majority of the market have the unfortunate consequence of killing corals: by depositing on them, the product suffocates them and they end up dying. Yet they are indispensable to life on earth. They are the refuge of a quantity of fish that choose to reproduce there. Without them, they will be exposed to predators, fishing (…) and the species will eventually become extinct, with the consequences we know about on the food chain. Corals also protect the coasts by “breaking” the waves. Their disappearance would lead to strong waves on the coasts, endangering the inhabitants of these areas. In short, we cannot do without corals and yet every year nearly 14,000 tons of sunscreen products end up in the sea(1).

There are alternative solutions

It is therefore absolutely necessary to turn to mineral creams to protect this vital environment. But here again it is not so simple because not all are the same. It is also our health which is endangered because of the nano particles (also present in chemical creams, of course). These are particles so small (everything is said in the word Nano) that they infiltrate under our skin and especially in our lungs and can cause respiratory problems. I invite you to read this article from the Turtle family very interesting and much more complete than me on this subject. Melina really masters the technical/chemical part of the subject (take the opportunity to discover her site on clean cosmetics it’s great).

Creme solaire Laboratoire Biarritz

And so it is thanks to her that I discovered the sun creams of the brand Les Laboratoires de Biarritz©. It is a French brand created by 2 surfers from… Biarritz of course! And who says surfer says in love with the sea. They very quickly asked themselves the right questions to practice their passion in good conditions for the health of their skin without impacting the health of the sea. A successful gamble with certified organic products that even go beyond certification. In fact, their products “contain 99.5% of ingredients of natural origin and up to 97.5% of the skin care comes from Organic Agriculture. (2) Our formulas contain 0% petrochemical ingredients and 0% “risk” ingredients (parabens, silicones, phenoxyethanol, etc.).

And around the product, how is it going?

In addition, their packaging is not yet made of recycled material but is “100% recyclable with 100% biodegradable ingredients”. Their bottles also benefit from airless technology. That is to say that this design prevents air from entering inside during use. This limits the use of preservatives and anti-oxidants. The second advantage is that the product does not come into contact with our hands and therefore does not come into contact with the bacteria on our hands.

Last but not least, the brand was created in France. It is also still 100% produced in France, mainly in the Pyrénées Atlantiques.

And have you ever thought about the impact of your sun cream on the environment and your health?

Small precision it is a non-sponsored article but we still asked the brand’s agreement if they agreed to publish an article on their products and thus to be associated with Ethik Hotels.

(1) Source National Géographique
(2)La certification Bio exige notamment qu’au moins 95% des ingrédients soient d’origine naturelle et qu’au minimum 20% du cosmétique fini soit issu de l’Agriculture Biologique (selon le référentiel COSMOS pour les cosmétiques mis sur le marché depuis le 1er janvier 2017).

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