How to remove plastic bottles on vacation?

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Today I present to you the alternatives to plastic bottles or how to do away with them on vacation and still have drinking water with you all the time.

As you must have seen, the first criterion that we put forward is the possibility within the accommodation to be able to fill our gourds. Indeed, when we count the number of plastic bottles we consume because tap water is not drinkable, it is scary. In any case that scares us.

  1. Key figures
  2. Where and how to find drinking water on holiday?
  3. How to get drinking water without buying a plastic bottle?

Some numbers

To realize the market that this represents I have to go through a few figures, sorry:

  • In 2016, more than 8 billion liters of bottled water were consumed per year in France (1)
  • Worldwide, 480 billion plastic bottles are purchased per year with the majority of water bottles (2)
  • In France only 58% of these bottles are recycled… (3)

An infographic produced in 2017 by France Nature Environnement sums up the problem perfectly well for France, it suffices to transpose it to the scale of the world to realize that it is not only a problem, it is a scourge for our planet and therefore our future. I invite you to discover it on their site .

For our part, our gourds accompany us on a daily basis. It is unthinkable for us to buy water in a plastic container when we know that it is drinkable from the tap. What is more, some brands are supplied from the same water table…

So it is really difficult for us to resume the massive purchase of plastic bottles when we are abroad. Why do with others what you refuse to do at home?

What are the existing solutions available to us to find drinking water?

Above all, it is good to point out that if you stay in Europe, water is drinkable in the vast majority of countries. So don’t forget your water bottle when you pack your bags!

For other countries, where unfortunately there is no access to drinking water, initiatives exist to eliminate plastic bottles. Discover the alternatives that deserve to be highlighted so that you know them before you go and thus remove bottled water from our shopping list:

  • Some hotels offer, when the country’s water is not drinkable, filtered water or carboys to fill our gourds. They are also identifiable on our site thanks to the 1st pictogram, gout!
  • In Cambodia we discovered an association called Refill Not Landfill which identifies refill points for gourds. They also offer these different charging points to sell their own water bottles with their logo.
  • An app called RefillMyBottle identifies places around the world where you can refill your water bottle, when tap water is not drinkable. This saves buying bottled water.

What to do when none of these solutions are available and drinking water is not accessible?

Don’t panic, there are still other ways to avoid buying plastic bottles. We propose 2 of them but there are probably others. Don’t hesitate to tell us about them so that we can enrich this article and inform future explorers!

Disinfectant tablets

They are available in pharmacies, parapharmacy, specialised shops or on the internet. There are different brands, the best known being Micropur® from Katadyn. However, they all work in the same way: dissolve a tablet in a litre of water and wait a few minutes for them to take effect and eliminate all bacteria.

The Huma Green bottle

I already told you about it in the free 16-page guide “Becoming Explorers in 2021”. What you don’t know what document I’m talking about ? Here is the link to find out.

In the meantime I wanted to introduce you to this “magic” gourd in more detail. We didn’t have the opportunity to test it because we discovered it while doing the research for the guidebook and the period doesn’t lend itself to distant travel. However, you can find feedback on the internet. They all seem to say that the concept is good and effective, which is why I put it forward.

Photo of the huma green gourd and its filter placed on a rock without a river

This is a folding water bottle that will not take up any space in your suitcase with a capacity of 1 litre. In addition, there is a filter to be installed inside. This filter filters up to 99.99%. This figure may not mean much to the average person, but it does mean that it filters out bacteria such as E.Coli and protozoa (Giardia, cryptosporidium). All those little things that can cause us great inconvenience on holiday. This filter has a life span of 1,000 litres, so it lasts about 1.5 years. This gives you plenty of time to see what happens, especially as it can also be used without a filter when you are in an environment that does not require one.

If you are interested in this product, the link we propose to you towards the brand is an affiliate link, which means that if you decide to buy it, a commission will be paid to Ethik Hotels.

Are you already a member of the never without my water bottle team? Or ready to take the plunge after reading this article?

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