Do you know about 100% natural cotton buds?

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Maybe you have seen the information, but we were chosen by Thomas & Tom, the founders of Green Kit to be included in their directory, a free directory of French companies that offer eco-responsible products and services. The idea is to bring you on a tray of alternatives to consume better.

Here is our page. Moreover if you wish you can put a comment and a note on the services offered by Ethik Hotels. I say that, I say nothing ;)

The debate at home!


Once the euphoria of having been in the top 10 to be present on the site was over, we looked at who was there with us. And there I discovered a nugget: Ecoton Stem! Before going further I must say, that without giving a name, not everyone has adhered to the concept of Auriculi at home. So we had to keep looking for a replacement product: we all know the scourge of cotton buds! The opportunity was too good not to test Ecoton Stem which was tested and approved at home.

We tested for you

Visually they really look like our bad old cotton buds but they are 100% bamboo. So they are 100% natural and 100% biodegradable. So you can throw them in your compost if you own one. Moreover, even the packaging is made of recyclable cardboard, 0% plastic I repeat. Finally the sending is made by post in green letter the impact related to the expedition is thus limited. To all those who are still looking for an alternative solution, I think Green Kit has found us a nugget!

And the site is full of other great ideas like Zeapack but I will come back to this in a future post!

And where are you on the subject of cotton buds? Team auriculi, Team I keep my old technique or I’m happy to see this initiative because it was in my objectives?

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