Are you familiar with permaculture?


One of the 8 criteria that we have put forward on the website is the presence of a vegetable garden within the establishment. This one must also be used for the preparation of the proposed meals. It is by selecting the hotels that could be listed on our site that we discovered permaculture.

Permaculture, what’s that?

It is true that we had already heard this name but without really digging the subject, we confess it to you. And there, the term returning several times, it thus seemed important to us to dig a little deeper into the subject. The idea was to at least know what we’re talking about!

Obviously our first action was to look at Wikipedia, which tells us that “Permaculture is a systemic and global concept that aims to create ecosystems. The inspiration comes from nature and its functioning (which is also called biomimicry or ecomimicry) and tradition. Permaculture takes into consideration the biodiversity of each system. »

How’s that for dummies?

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Either… We weren’t much further ahead, to tell you the truth! But not discouraged for all that. So we continued to search and find this great computer graphics made by Lesecolohumanistes. This computer graphics is accompanied by a clear and concise article that allows us to explain the main lines of the concept in a simple way, which was more than enough for our needs. We invite you to discover it.

Here are a few leads if you want to get started?

If you wish to go further, there are a multitude of sites and/or books. They will guide you to get started in your own garden.

In addition, many Ethik Hotels practice permaculture. If you visit one of them, we are sure they will be happy to tell you more about it.

In any case, the important thing to remember is that it is a way to use the earth’s resources for food, but in a respectful way!

And you, were you already familiar with permaculture or did this article also help you to go to bed less stupid? ☺

Image by WhisperingJane_ASMR from Pixabay

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