Le Logis des Fleurs et le Dodécadôme

France / Rhône Alpes Auvergne Dodécadome

The Logis des Fleurs is a lodge for groups and the Dodécadôme a room reserved to activities. These ecological buildings with bio-climatic architecture, are nestled in the heart of the Biovallée, in Drôme, between Vercors and Provence . You are welcome with kindness in Baume Rousse , a hamlet sculpted by more than 30 years of bio-dynamism, practice. You will be able to grow inside, to recharge your batteries, to nourish yourself with the good energies of the place, to reconnect with Nature, with you. – and to others… through the activities that we lead or receive. Possibility of vegetarian and tasty meals, made from local products, according to a dynamic concept of food

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